Our company began business in 1981 by John Higgins. He worked for the Federal Government at the Office of Surface Mine Reclamation. A decision was made to relocate the office to Casper, Wyoming, which was not a consideration, as his wife Patricia was engaged in psychotherapy.

John was considering a security system for his home. As he endured many sales calls, it became clear that the large national chain alarm companies had high prices while the small local firms had more reasonable pricing. He felt a place for the highest quality service at more realistic pricing was needed in Denver. John’s intuition proved correct.

The business grew from referrals from happy homeowners and quality, established contractors. John said the chances of a business flourishing are substantial if the business follows a variation of the Golden Rule. Treat the customer as we expect to be treated – a simple concept, but many companies don’t implement it. If a customer is unsatisfied with our service, that customer will not be a reliable source.

John & Patricia Higgins

James Higgins

In 2006, John’s son James graduated with a degree in Sports Industry Operations. With no jobs in that industry, John offered James a job until he could find what he was looking for. Little did John know that running the family business would turn into James’s passion; when John retired, he sold the company to James.

Our company always seeks feedback from customers. The feedback allows us to improve how we run our business constantly.

We hope we’ll be able to show you our commitment to your security needs.